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Tri-Squeeze Ball-Stretch Sling - Black Ice

Tri-Squeeze Ball-Stretch Sling - Black Ice

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The TRI-SQUEEZE is modeled after traditional steel 3-ring cock cage but without all the discomfort and rigid materialno worrying about pinching metals or trying to wrestle a ragin boner into a too tight contraption.
TRI-SQUEEZEs unique design and shape make it one of our most versatile slings. Each ring is a slightly different size so you can choose how you wear it. Wear the ballstretcher side facing you, itll push your cock n balls up and out for a bulge thats perfect for filling out a jockstrap or some ass-huggin gear.
The outwards facing stretcher also doubles as a fuck-bumper to add some cushion when youre really pushin and your meats too long.

TRI-SQUEEZE is made from our new super-soft, stretchy PLUS+SILICONE trp/silicone

Height: 2.5" (6.35 cm)
Width: 2.25" (5.71 cm)
Cock/Ball Opening Circumferences 1.25 (3.18 cm) , 1 (2.54 cm) , .9 (2.29 cm)
Ballstretcher Length: 1.25 (3.18 cm)
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